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announcements+info for the zeroes.ca community

The #ZeroesCAWrite beta is now open! It's based on WriteFreely, which is a longform blogging platform similar to Medium or Substack that uses ActivityPub to natively hook into the fediverse

If you'd like to try it out, feel free to login/sign-up using your existing zeroes.ca credentials — you'll need to re-up your email address the first time you use it

  • Currently, it allows one character-unlimited, CSS-customizable blog per account
  • Blogs can be private, password-protected, unlisted, or public
  • Posts can be composed in plain text, markdown, or html
  • New posts are automatically saved as drafts while composing; when you're ready to publish a draft, you can move it to your blog
  • Images can be linked to directly, or by first uploading them to https://img.zeroes.ca
  • Anyone with a fediverse account (eg, Mastodon, Calckey/Firefish, Kbin, Lemmy, etc) can follow your @write.zeroes.ca account
  • When you post, the title and a link to the original post on write.zeroes.ca is pushed out to your followers to like, boost, and comment on

For more details, the official documentation is located here: https://writefreely.org/docs/latest/writer

If you have any questions, find any bugs, etc, please don't hesitate to get in touch