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The Rowdies included many owners of distilleries, bars and brothels, and represented most of what the city was, especially as an outpost along the railroads. They existed in direct opposition to the Moral Party, which called for temperance and chastity. The two parties were also said to differ on approaches to civil engagement, and so where the Rowdies were the party of militant disorder, the Moral Party promoted law and order.

Source: Free and Rowdy Party – Wikipedia


An aerial photograph of downtown Porto Alegre, flooded and under water in May 2024.

This is the greatest economic and structural damage a climate event has ever caused in Brazil. Reckoning by the number of people affected and the material damage, the tragedy already surpasses the destruction that Hurricane Katrina inflicted on New Orleans in 2005.

The state and the capitalist mode of production are directly responsible for the devastation of the planet. They have cut down forests to make way for cattle, monoculture, and mining, degrading the soil with urban expansion. They are producing more and more catastrophes like the one that struck Rio Grande do Sul. Amid all the horror, we see the complete failure of the ruling class to care for our lives and our environment.

CrimethInc.: “The Disaster Is Already Here” – Anarchists in Southern Brazil on the Floods of May 2024

Watch the “Capitalismo” documentary:



English author Somerset Maugham, playing a game of patience at his Villa La Mauresque in 1954.

I fucking love Dorothy Parker:

One of the stranger pairings in literary history is surely Somerset Maugham and Dorothy Parker, thrown together in rural South Carolina during the summer of 1942 for what Parker later grumbled had been “three long, long, long weeks.” The two had briefly met in New York the previous year, and Parker had joined the parade of writers, critics, and artists who paid their respects to the great man during his wartime American exile at the southern estate of his publisher, Nelson Doubleday. Instead of the well-lubricated party atmosphere she had expected, Parker found herself consigned to endless games of bridge with Maugham and later complained, “That old lady is a crashing bore.” Parker also didn’t fail to notice that what few visitors there were during her stay were “various handsome young men who were not interested in ladies but who were interested in Mr. Maugham.”

Read the rest of this review here and check out more of Somerset's lavish villa.


1971 German film directed by Rosa von Praunheim

The film was an emancipatory call for homosexuals to organize and fight for their freedom. It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse... triggered the modern gay rights movement in Germany and Switzerland and also found great resonance internationally. The film became a media scandal because conservative homosexuals and heterosexuals alike rejected the demands for equality in all areas of life and the call for public solidarity.

The film premiered at the 1971 Berlin International Film Festival. The US premiere took place in 1972 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the British premiere in the same year at the National Film Theatre in London.

Still from the film


…was one of the most offensive, ridiculous, and terrifying things I’ve ever seen. I mean every single thing about it, including the moderators. A complete shit-show. If anyone needed a single moment to point to and say “This is when the U.S. empire showed it was in full collapse” it was surely this.

Anyway here’s some very good analysis by Qasim Rashid in case anything matters anymore.


The Peak really does great work.

On June 3, a public letter by Just Peace Advocates and the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute (CFPI) revealed over 200 Canadian charities have been funding Israel with a collective $237.5 million since 2022. This goes against the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)’s charity rules which note that donating money to the military or armed forces of another country is not considered charitable activity. Their letter is addressed to the Canadian government, asking them to enforce more rules on taxpayer-subsidized donations.



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